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Adults Need Movement Breaks Too

There have been a lot of articles recently about the importance of recess or movement breaks for kids. Exercise in all its forms is crucial to healthy development, mental health and wellness. However, this need is not exclusive to childhood. Movement is as important for adults as it is for children. As parents and teachers,… Continue reading Adults Need Movement Breaks Too

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How You Breathe Impacts Your Health

Take a deep breath, and slowly let it out. Breathing is one of those life necessities that we all take for granted. Although it's automatic, we could all stand to pay more attention to it. Why? Because you're not doing it right. By the time we reach adulthood, most of us are shallow breathers. We hold our breath… Continue reading How You Breathe Impacts Your Health

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Finding Your Meaning

When we're seeking meaning, we often ask ourselves what it is we want out of life but we fail to ask the most important question of all: who am I really? Yet, in order to identify what will bring us meaning, purpose and satisfaction, we must first answer this question. How to Find Meaning: Asking the… Continue reading Finding Your Meaning

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Better Sleep Hygiene So You Can Get Your Zzz

Sleep is a precious commodity for a lot of us these days. Our busy schedules are filled with important activities competing for our attention, and sleep too often gets pushed to the bottom of our priority list. Sleep deprivation affects more than just your energy; it also negatively impacts your productivity, memory, ability to process information, immune system,… Continue reading Better Sleep Hygiene So You Can Get Your Zzz

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Do You Have a Mantra?

A friend once told me that she would start her day with a simple mantra: "Today is going to be an extraordinary day."  For a while thereafter I would text her daily wishing her an extraordinary day. Fast forward to a year ago when I found out that one of our daughters has an auto-immune disease. Western medicine's approach… Continue reading Do You Have a Mantra?

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How to Build a Good Life

I have been pondering about life lately, or should I say aging well? Like a mason building a wall, all of us can build the life we want with the right tools. The secret resides in being aware of our values and gaining an understanding of what truly matters over time. But let's face it,… Continue reading How to Build a Good Life

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Respecting Your Child-Part 2

I often say that my first child was my guinea pig. I was a young mother with only my own childhood experience as a compass. Little by little, I learned the craft of parenting by reading, asking questions and studying child development and occupational therapy. I also learned through trial and error, constantly re-evaluating what… Continue reading Respecting Your Child-Part 2

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Respecting Your Child-Part 1

This is part 1 of 2 on Respecting Your Child, a relationship-based approach. As young parents we heard all the usual warnings about the dreaded teen years. Three of our four kids are now grown, but none of them exhibited the sort of rebellious behavior we'd been led to expect. I recently asked them why… Continue reading Respecting Your Child-Part 1