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Emotional Labeling

What is Emotional Labeling? Emotional labeling is a technique used by mental health professionals and other therapists to help clients process their emotions. Imagine a child who suddenly shows frustration after a friend takes his toy. The child might get angry, grab the toy and throw it across the room. Or he might run to the corner… Continue reading Emotional Labeling

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Keep Your Cell Phone Off the Menu

What was it like before cell phones? Remember 15-20 years ago, when houses still had landlines and going on the computer meant doing word processing type tasks? Kids talked to their parents, or their friends, and there was little else competing for their attention. Fast forward to now, and you see parents, as well as children, facing… Continue reading Keep Your Cell Phone Off the Menu

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Parents Can Influence Language Skills

I am a talker. When my kids were babies, I responded to every sound and spoke continuously to them. I remember an insurance salesperson coming to our house and commenting on how much I spoke to my six month old. She added: "I never spoke to my kids when they were babies. I am quiet. My kids were… Continue reading Parents Can Influence Language Skills