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Calming Activities for Your Brain

Anxiety, anger, boredom, stress and restlessness alert us to issues that need to be addressed. The discomfort they trigger is sometimes hard to deal with, and can send us spinning. Although I have found that calming techniques for adults are not always appropriate for kids, the reverse is not true. Children calming activities can be very effective… Continue reading Calming Activities for Your Brain

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Sensory Integration Explained

What is Sensory Integration? A child walks onto the grass and starts to cry. Another touches sand, looks at her hand and shrieks inconsolably. “Don’t cry. It’s okay. Sand is fun,” the parents say trying to reassure her. She carries on, until the sand is washed off and she is removed from the situation. A… Continue reading Sensory Integration Explained

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Sensory Integration Challenges

Sensory integration issues affects kids and adults alike. It's also a topic that's dear to my heart. A firetruck storms by, blaring its siren, and my hands want to automatically cover my sensitive ears. The high-pitched sound threatens my equilibrium as much as it physically hurts my eardrums. Smells are also a constant reminder of how… Continue reading Sensory Integration Challenges

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Why Movement Is Good For You

  We all know we should move more, and yet in the U.S. people spend an average of 7.4 hours a day in front of a screen. The numbers are even higher in other countries. My son gets a very limited amount of video game time per day (30 min). The other day, I asked… Continue reading Why Movement Is Good For You

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Doodling: A Brainy Pursuit

I have always been a doodler. My high school notebooks were filled with caricatures, inked poetry and random visual thoughts. My university notes were no different.  As a child, I remember being yelled at by teachers who accused me of disruptive behavior. I never quite saw it that way. On the contrary, I found that it… Continue reading Doodling: A Brainy Pursuit

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Want to Hear Better?

Scientists at Duke university are uncovering how our brain processes sound. It turns out that sound and movement are closely linked when it comes to modulating (turning up or down) auditory input. The auditory cortex works in collaboration with the brain's motor cortex to control sound processing. Want to hear better? First, stop talking then stop… Continue reading Want to Hear Better?